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Leadership Development Programs

Customizable Workshops

Building an inclusive workforce is critical to business success. In order to do this, leaders must know how to fully leverage all talent, by respecting, valuing and leveraging individual differences.

A customizable workshop from N. Christy Consulting, LLC

This is an advanced communication skill development opportunity.

Most leaders can list off all of the best practices for leading change. Knowing what to do isn't usually the issue, consistently putting best practices into action is.

Are your leaders identifying and solving for the right problems? Do they challenge assumptions and move past real or perceived barriers to success? Is bias getting in the way of making the best decision for achieving a common purpose? Are decisions aligned with achieving the organization's mission and key priorities? 

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Influence to Impact (I2I): Leveraging Interpersonal Power for Women Leaders is a highly interactive, leadership development workshop for executive women.  N. Christy Consulting, LLC is a licensed facilitator of I2I, a TransPorter Group, Inc. program for executive women

The Power of Influence (POI) is a leadership development workshop that brings men and women together to develop influence skills and strategies and learn the impact of gender for both men and women in leadership. N. Christy Consulting, LLC is a licensed facilitator of POI, a TransPorter Group, Inc. program.

Through this engaging multi-session program, new managers will examine their own personal style and it's impact on leadership. N. Christy Consulting, LLC is a licensed facilitator of Leadership Essentials, a product of Lynch Bryan Consulting.

Understanding innate personality and how it impacts how we work, make decisions, communicate, handle conflict, manage stress, build trust and influence people is an important aspect of leadership success. 

What Motivates Me is a 1-day course by The Culture Works that teaches skills for enhancing engagement, alignment, teamwork and career development. 

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