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Strategic Planning

Creating Clarity In Goals and Expectations

Leading Change

Team Cohesion

Talent Strategy & Management

Setting a foundation for Organizational Health 

Employee Engagement Initiatives

Leadership Development Strategy & Planning

Workshop Development & Facilitation

Leadership Assessments

Personality & Motivation Inventory Facilitation

Inclusive Leadership Practices

One-on-One and Team Coaching


Helping Leaders move from knowing what to do todoing what they know.

It’s not easy, but that’s what Nicole Christy and her network of trusted affiliates aim to do.

We care about our clients’ success and are dedicated to providing Real-World, Purpose-Driven, Client-Focused results, through a collaborative approach to service that fosters learning and builds internal capacity along the way.


N. Christy Consulting can partner with your team or organization to create meaningful, lasting change through people-centric processes that involve open, honest dialogue, emphasize diversity of ideas and solutions, and encourage ownership and leadership at all levels.

Click here to contact Nicole and get started on finding the right solution to your most important organization development or leadership development needs.  Or click on one of the links below to learn more about Nicole and her network.   

is your formal organization aligned with your informal organization?

How Unconscious Bias can Undermine Inclusive Efforts

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